Plastic & Bio-Waste 2016 (Copenhagen)

On February 2nd, Plastic & Bio-Waste 2016 was gathering recyclers, politicians, municipality staff and waste management professionals to advance the discussion on how to reach recycling targets in Denmark & Sweden. The event also included a debriefing around the freshly released EU Circular Economy package, which is giving municipalities 14 years to reach the 65% recycling rate, thereby forcing the reduction of incineration capacity.

The focus was on both the bio-waste & plastic streams, which are currently creating a lot of discussion in a difficult political climate. How to collect those streams most efficiently & on budget? How to activate the processing side of the ecosystem to build capacity? What can we do to advance our roadmaps towards a truly Circular Economy? It starts with Zero Waste…

The workshops were instrumental to qualify the main issues with those 2 main streams, whether on the collection or processing side. In particular, participants had a chance to uncover exciting opportunities around low-grade plastics recovery, as they are currently generating low-interest on recycling markets.

The event was produced by Bridge Productions, with support from IDA, City of Copenhagen & Zero Waste Europe.

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