Green Exchange


What the Heck is a Mixtape?

Many of you listen to podcasts while at the gym, cooking, walking the dog, or on your way to work. Sometimes you have an appetite for a solid piece of content – ready to take notes. But sometimes you just need to chill and get some head space instead. In that case, our regular episode format may be a little bit heavy for that moment of the day. So we’re introducing something that was never done before: Thematic mixtapes.
What’s that? Well, it’s basically 30 minutes of high quality music re-mixed by Green Exchange. Each mixtape has a different theme. We combine the music with inspirational messages, insights and interview moments based on that theme, so you can enjoy an inspirational moment, build vision and relax at the same time. A completely new way of experiencing content!

Be aware: You may find yourself dancing in the car, or running faster than usual. And that’s exactly what the world needs: More people dancing, and change agents running faster. Let us know what you think!


More mixtapes coming soon. In the meantime, come say Hello!