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Mixtape #17: Feminism, Work & Building the Future w/ Narjis Hilale

“As women, we’re always judged.” The future will be shaped by what we do in the present. And presently, it’s still very much a man’s world. Things are changing, but on our current course it will take 217 years before we reach equality between the genders. That’s not good enough!

Narjis Hilale gives us some great insights into how to push for change faster, and take things into our own hands. Camille and Narjis delve into the importance of soft skills, how robots, futurism and technology relates to women’s empowerment, the traps and hurdles we women face when navigating the corporate world, and how we need to be part of decision making to shape a better world.

Narjis Hilale

Narjis is an author and speaker who is passionate about women’s empowerment. She has fifteen years experience working for major FMCG multinationals and UN organizations in global leadership positions, and has lived in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. She is the author of the book “Woman’s Essentials Box for the Corporate World”.

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Narjis at Tedx

Woman’s Essentials Box for the Corporate World

Thank you to Libraire de L’île for sharing their space with us!

Produced by Camille Duran & Eleen Murphy
Published by Eleen Murphy
Music Credits: License by Ins. Green White Space.


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