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Mixtape #16: Talking Circular Economy & Degrowth in Berlin w/ Dina Padalkina

Always question the status quo. That’s the biggest lesson we learned from Dina Padalkina in our latest mixtape. A macroeconomist for many years, Dina was always told growth brings stability and prosperity. She started asking “is that really true?”, and sparked a whole new journey into de-growth and the circular economy that has shaped her life.

Now as founder of the Circular Berlin initiative, Dina sits down with Camille to discuss bottom-up approaches to circular economy, the challenges for degrowth, the importance of self esteem and valuing your time as a change maker, and some great examples of a thriving movement in Berlin.

Dina Padalkina

Dina Padalkina focuses on the areas of Sustainable Urban Development, Resource Management, and Sustainable Business Models. She is the initiative lead of Circular Berlin, which brings together social, environmental, and economic opportunities, searching for cross-sector exchange and connectivity. She is the author of The Macroeconomics of De-growth – Can a De-growth Strategy be Stable? Developing grassroots collaborations and promoting the idea of the circular economy strategy, Dina lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

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Circular Berlin

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Thank you to HERMANN’S Berlin for sharing their space with us!

Produced by Camille Duran & Eleen Murphy
Published by Eleen Murphy
Music Credits: License by Ins. Green White Space.


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