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Mixtape #12: Internet Politics, Digital Commons & Changing your Mind with Mayo Fuster Morell

It’s good to change your mind sometimes. On a sunny rooftop in Barcelona, Camille Duran shares a coffee/tea with Mayo Fuster Morell, probably the most prominent social researcher focusing on sharing economy, social movements, online communities and digital Commons. They dive into a deep discussion about how we can reorganise production models and go beyond capitalism & public institutions as value creators for society. They talk about Internet politics, self-organising and activism, and how Mayo has been changing her mind over time about the best way to drive change in society.

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Mayo Fuster Morell

Is a social researcher who has focused on sharing economy, social movements, online communities and digital Commons, frequently using participatory action research and method triangulation. She has been part of the most important research centres studying Internet and its social effects, including the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, the MIT Center for Civic Media or the Berkeley School of Information. As an active citizen, she is the co-founder of multiple initiatives around digital Commons and Free Culture, such as the Procomuns Forum on collaborative economy.


Produced by Camille Duran & Eleen Murphy
Published by Eleen Murphy
Music Credits: License by Ins. Green White Space.



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