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Lab#4 w/ Jonah Chesum – Driving Change is a Marathon

Audio version of Green Exchange Lab #4. Watch the video here.

Change takes hard work, dedication, sweat and sometimes even tears. Oh, and lots of patience. Just like running a marathon. Camille spent time with one incredible marathon runner, Jonah Chesum, to find out what it takes to be the best, and what lessons we can take with us from the track to our own work in change making.

A Paralympic distance runner from Kenya, Jonah was hired as a pacesetter, and he’d never completed a marathon before. But in 2017 he sped past the top performers and won the Barcelona marathon, surprising everyone and himself. And that’s only one part of his story. We talk mental toughness, rural life, corruption in Kenya, the importance of respect, and social change.

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We interview remarkable change makers and those who help shape our world via their art, mission, projects or enterprises. Through our discussions we study how change happens in society, talk about the future, decrypt stories and brainstorm ways we can accelerate social & environmental change.

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