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We’re on a mission to create a new kind of knowledge product for sustainability professionals in Europe. We are getting there, thank you for your support.

First things first, let’s get connected:

We have a free podcast:

That will be a good start for you to stay up to date. You can listen the free podcast from your smartphone, tablet or computer from wherever you are, online or offline. Here is how.

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Green Exchange ‘Plus’ (Subscription)

Want more than just the podcast? We are currently developing a more advanced experience for our subscribers. We call it Green Exchange ‘Plus’. (So far we sell subscription plans to organizations and specialized networks only but we are happy to study any request. Just drop us a line here.)

Full access to our complementary resources & bonus materials

Reports, articles, whitepapers (curated)
We source content for you: for each one of the themes we cover, this section allows you to dig deeper and consult a selection of external resources curated by our editorial team + bonus materials such as exclusive interviews, talk show playlists, infographics etc.

Free VIP access to our Live talk shows

Live Talk Shows (Networking events, Debate after-works)
Every month, we produce live talk shows & exclusive networking events around Europe. Those events are invite-only and primarily produced for our subscribers, to create engagement and advance the discussion on specific issues in a casual atmosphere. They are upbeat, entertaining and sometimes a bit crazy. They are most often live-streamed on our Facebook page.

Be part of focus groups, contribute content

Peer workshops & dialog (online/offline)
Our production team facilitates the creation of multi-disciplinary focus groups based on areas of interests and specific issues to be solved in the region. This is a great way to find and connect with peers that are currently working on similar challenges. We also invite you to ask your questions on the show, contribute cases and editorial content.

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