Earth Calling #8: Extinction

Produced by Camille Duran / Published by Eleen Murphy / Senior Editors Eleen Murphy & Camille Duran / Music Credits: License by Ins. Green White Space.

Something is wrong. We haven’t heard from Planet Earth in a while…does she still listen to our stories? We try to find out what’s going on, and to share one last story…

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Transcript from the Episode

Camille Duran [CD]: Okay Eleen, we need to do something, When is the last time I left her a voicemail?

Eleen Murphy [EM]: I don’t know a few weeks maybe

CD: I’m looking through my phone…July 23rd! It’s been more than a month and we still have no sign of her existence. No text message, no voicemail no call nothing!

I am sorry but we have to figure this out, we cannot keep pretending everything is fine because it’s not.

EM: No, you’re right, something is going on. Let’s take this from the start, shall we?

CD: Okay.

EM: So, one day she calls and says, “Hey I feel depressed, I want to hear positive change stories, you humans are making a mess,” that sort of thing.

CD: Right. And from there we start serving her positive change stories. We decide to focus on human beings that are truly making a difference.

EM: Yes.

CD: And it was working it seems, no? She was calling back to hear more.

EM: Yeah well…she was also calling back because you were flirting with her.

CD: Come on Eleen that cannot be the reason, and we were just making friends! I told you.

EM: It doesn’t matter, I guess…

CD: Right. Then we told a couple of rough stories that I think that we shouldn’t have told.

EM: Oh, like the one about North Korea? No actually, I think they were very empowering and pretty positive.

CD: So why did she stop calling from that point in time?

EM: Oh, I think I got it.

CD: Tell me.

EM: Well, maybe she has a love-hate relationship with us…with human beings, I mean.

CD: A love-hate relationship? What do you mean?

EM: Well if I was her, I would be very confused. Because there is a beautiful side to the homo sapiens-sapiens. It’s easy to fall in love with our species.

There is also a side that’s not so beautiful…

CD: Yeah you don’t need to explain that part I think everyone is aware of it. What’s your point?

EM: Maybe she couldn’t decide? Whether we’re worth it or not. I mean, even with all the positive change stories out there. She might feel humans are not doing enough. That we have no respect for what was given to us, although we have no excuse. I mean we’re conscious, smart…we’re supposed to know what we’re doing.

CD: So what? I don’t know where you’re going with this? What is she going to do?

EM: I don’t know, but that could explain why she’s not calling anymore. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense…

CD: I don’t know Eleen…

EM: We have to remember we’ve upset her natural balance. it’s not about us and our positive stories – who are we? We’re one species that’s been here for 150-200,000 years out of the four billion years that she was alive.

CD: Yeah, life on Earth appeared 3.8 billion years ago actually…

EM: Whatever! So many species have gone extinct in the history of our Planet, I’m not sure one more or one less is going to make a difference to her if you really think about it.

CD: So what? She’s going to get rid of us?

EM: What do you do if some tiny creatures start messing up your ecosystem? I know I reach for the medicine cabinet right away.

CD: She likes us.

EM: Maybe, but listen: we have to put things into her perspective! ….I mean, we can’t keep telling our environmentalist stories as if we were all high and mighty. Maybe we have to look at the bigger picture.

CD: I’m calling her again, I don’t give a sh*t. I have a story that she will love, she cannot ignore this one. I’m telling you…

EM: Come one man, think about this…we must be doing something wrong!

CD: I’m calling.

EM: Jesus, fine…as you like, Mr. Duran


CD: Hey, I know you still don’t answer and I am not sure what’s going on but I am not giving up. Here is another story for you, I hope you will give it the attention it deserves…


CD: Sorry I need to calm down one second. I just don’t get why you disappear like this… Okay. It takes place in South Africa. It’s a story about extinction, I guess that’s one theme that interests you. Actually, it’s about how human beings are preventing animal extinction from happening.

EM: Watch your tone, this is not helping.

CD: This part of Africa has a history of illegal hunting. Over the last years they have been facing a real poaching crisis. illegal hunters go after the horns of animals to sell them on international markets for a lot of money. There is a species that is particularly endangered in the region: the black rhino.


CD: The rhino family is one of the few species left from the perissodactyls – a group of animals that is more than 30million years old as I’m sure you know. The black rhino disappearing is a big concern of course and we are soon reaching a point of no return. But there are organised groups that are working hard everyday to maintain animal peace in the Balule Nature Reserve. This is the story of…


EM: Camille, something’s happening

CD: No kidding!

EM: I think we need to get out of here…

CD: What the f**k is going? It cannot be an earthquake…

EM: I don’t know, do you think it’s her!?

CD: [ON PHONE] Hello? Come on speak to us….

EM: We have to get out of here, now… Camille, now!!



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