Earth Calling #5: Everything Is Possible

Produced by Camille Duran / Published by Eleen Murphy / Senior Editors Eleen Murphy & Camille Duran / Music Credits: License by Ins. Green White Space.

Texting with Planet Earth takes an interesting turn…

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Camille Duran: Hello you? What’s this number – there is not even a country code?

CD [SMS]: Who is it?

Planet Earth [SMS]: Planet Earth

CD: Hah Planet Earth, of course! It’s just that I can’t right now… What do i say?

CD [SMS]: Hi! so nice to hear from you, I am running in between meetings right now, can we reconnect next week when I am at the office?


CD [SMS]: I will have the green folder then, I have a story about North Korea for you 😉


CD [SMS]: Or if you need a story right now, I am sure my colleague Eleen would be glad to help you. Want her number?

PE [SMS]: No it’s ok, I will wait. I will watch TED in the meantime. Miss you.

CD: Miss you??? This is getting weird.

CD [SMS]: I miss you too, please let’s take it easy, I never flirted with a Planet before, I didn’t even know this was possible.

PE [SMS]: Everything is possible. Get back to work so I don’t get too warm.
CD: Oh no….no no no…

CD [SMS]: Ok ola ola bye for now.



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