Earth Calling #1: Human not Afraid of Big Waves Stops Ocean Pollution in Chile

Produced by Camille Duran / Published by Linnéa Hultén / Senior Editors Eleen Murphy & Camille Duran / Music Credits: License by Ins. Green White Space.

Planet Earth is depressed, worried and feels warm. She gives us a call to hear a positive change story that will cheer her up. We tell her about Ramón Navarro and his inspiring action.

Ramón’s Twitter / Instagram
Documentary by Patagonia
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Transcript from the Episode

Eleen Murphy (EM): Camille, the Earth is calling! On line one.
Camille Duran (CD): Planet Earth? Ok I take it
CD: Green Exchange, good morning?
[Earth speaks]
CD: Yes speaking,
[Earth speaks]
CD: Good and yourself?
[Earth speaks]
CD: Warm? yea I heard. You know many people are working on this climate change thingnow.
[Earth speaks]
CD: Oh stories? sure, we have some, thank you for thinking of us, just give me one second please…
CD [Aside]: She wants to hear a story about positive change…can you pass me the green folder please? Yes the one with the smiley face on the cover…thank you…
CD [On phone]: Ok, are you there, yes! Alright, let me see what we have here, I keep it short right? You just want to check that good things are happening…
[Earth speaks]
CD: I see. Well, There are a lot of humans doing great work as I said but… let me see… oh yeah…. So it’s a male human being called Ramón Navarro, 35 years old, he is from Chile, you know where is Chile?
[Earth speaks]
CD: Yeah of course. He is a surfer, a big wave surfer. One of the best actually.
So his normal job is to after those huge waves that are typically between 6 and 15m high.
[Audio clip of him surfing].
CD: One day he saw big machines rolling towards his favourite local point break –  machines like diggers and dump trucks, getting ready for a big piece of work. The thing is, in his hometown, the government had approved a project “under the table” as we say – you know a lot of humans in power still do that. They wanted to lay a sewage waste pipe straight out into the ocean, and of course without properly considering the consequences.
So Ramón decided to stop the project, because this pollution was going to ruin the area and he couldn’t live with this idea. He built a coalition of local fishermen and other surfers. He brought the story to the media and started a massive campaign.
[Interview clip]: “Ramón rallied everybody together and marched throughout the town, they coordinated a protest. They even gathered a bunch of trash and dumped it on the mayor’s doorstep. And they succeeded in blocking the sewage pipeline. It really did galvanise Ramón’s position as an environmentalist. Seeing that they could actually be successful was incredibly empowering for the Chilean surf community and the Chilean community as a whole.”
CD: They’ve done great work. It’s a simple story, but I like it very much
And this is just one example, we have many like this, from all around the world.
You can find a picture of Ramón Navarro on our Instagram profile greenxeurope and we put a few links on the episode page if you want to see him surfing big waves. By the way, well done on those big waves it’s beautiful to watch.
[Earth speaks]
CD: You’re welcome. Call back anytime, we have more stories, we’re working on all this.
[Earth speaks]
CD: All right. Thank you, bye-bye.


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