Climate Finance #7 – Investors’ Guidance to 2-Degree Alignment & Just Transition

Produced & hosted by Camille Duran.

I am taking you to 2019, roughly 4.51 billions years after the formation of planet Earth. At that point, human beings have been around for some 200,000 years.

2019, it’s almost 4 years after most nations committed to take climate change seriously, and drive a massive transition that would keep them well below 2 degrees of global warming of the climate system.

One key question was – how to realign the financial system with that 2-degree scenario – or 1,5 I should say.

This is our 7th episode on the subject matter. Thank you to WWF who is making this piece of content possible.

We start with a brief overview of what happened over the last year on 2-degree alignment, look at the investor perspective and dive into the latest PRI’s investor guidance on Just Transition, decrypting why investors should care about the social side of ESG governance.

This episode features views from:

  • Sebastien Godinot – WWF European Office in Brussels
  • Sagarika Chatterjee – Director of Climate Change at UN Principles for Responsible Investment
  • Simon Messenger – Investor & company engagement at 2-Degree Investing Initiative.

Links from the discussion:


Music credits license by Ins. Green White Space.

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