Climate & Finance #5: A Tool to Assess Portfolio Alignment with the Goals of the Paris Agreement

Produced by Camille Duran / Published by Eleen Murphy / Senior Editors Eleen Murphy & Camille Duran / Music Credits: License by Ins. Green White Space.

Today we get practical. Earlier in the series we clarified the role of asset owners in helping us stay below the 2 degree goal of the Paris Agreement, and talked about how they should benchmark the performance of their investment portfolios. But how does this work in practice? Good news: models and tools are under way and some of the biggest EU asset owners have accepted to disclose their data and put their equity portfolio to the test bench.

The tool we discuss is an assessment on forward-looking scenario-based metrics conducted by WWF and the 2° Investing Initiative in 2017. We talk to asset owners who have been through the exercise and discuss challenges to overcome, the TCFD recommendations released earlier this year and review what’s coming up in 2018. Happy listening!

Guests: Magnus Billing, Alecta // Andreas Stang, PFA // Paddy Arber, Aviva // Sebastien Godinot, WWF.



wwf WWF's mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.
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