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Energi Forum Danmark 2016

(Briefing in Danish & English)

The largest potential for energy savings is by far in in buildings that have already been built. Beyond reducing the building carbon footprint and energy bill, modernisation is also about comfort, better user experience, and market value. On March 8th and 9th, Energiforum Danmark was hosting Energimodernisering, a leading conference in the space, reviewing the latest development in building technology and renovations as well as the economics behind modernisation of residential, commercial and industrial areas.


Plastic & Bio-Waste 2016 (Copenhagen)

On February 2nd, Plastic & Bio-Waste 2016 was gathering recyclers, politicians, municipality staff and waste management professionals to advance the discussion on how to reach recycling targets in Denmark & Sweden. The event also included a debriefing around the freshly released EU Circular Economy package, which is giving municipalities 14 years to reach the 65% recycling rate, thereby forcing the reduction of incineration capacity.

The focus was on both the bio-waste & plastic streams, which are currently creating a lot of discussion in a difficult political climate. How to collect those streams most efficiently & on budget? How to activate the processing side of the ecosystem to build capacity? What can we do to advance our roadmaps towards a truly Circular Economy? It starts with Zero Waste…

The workshops were instrumental to qualify the main issues with those 2 main streams, whether on the collection or processing side. In particular, participants had a chance to uncover exciting opportunities around low-grade plastics recovery, as they are currently generating low-interest on recycling markets.

The event was produced by Bridge Productions, with support from IDA, City of Copenhagen & Zero Waste Europe.