Bioeconomy & Sustainable Fashion Series


What If You Could Eat Your Shirt?

You probably know the feeling: You’re doing some cleaning in your wardrobe, and find an old shirt you haven’t been wearing for a while. What to do with it? Give it away? Throw it in the bin as usual? Does it actually get re-used or recycled? By who? How? The numbers are actually quite scary and it seems that the whole textile industry can’t hide its dirty secret anymore. Creating closed loops is very difficult, but not impossible. The whole sector is extremely energy and water intensive. Cotton production is unsustainable most of the time, and reaching its limit already, with demand for fibres set to increase threefold by 2050.

This may be a good occasion to look at alternative materials to make our clothes out of, no? How about bio-materials such as wood fibres, algae, fish skin, milk fibres… Are they relevant alternatives? Or are we going to create more problems? Let’s find out.

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Episode 1

Bioeconomy & Sustainable Fashion #1: The True Power of Fish Leather

Produced by Camille Duran / Published byGabriela Lemos Borba / Coordinated by Han Nguyen / Senior Editors Eleen Murphy & Camille Duran / Transcribed by Oanh Nguyen/ Music Credits: License by Ins. Green White Space. Photo by atlanticleather

This episode launches a new series dedicated to a growing trend that definitely deserves some attention: Producing textiles from bio-materials. The theme raises a lot of questions and as we are investigating the sector in-depth at the moment, we thought we would share our findings! We start with reviewing the potential of fish leather, its potential impact and discuss the implications we should anticipate when trying to make it mainstream.

This episode features views from Halldora Eydis (Fashion Designer, Iceland) & Geir Oddsson (Senior Advisor at the Nordic Council of Ministers).

MADE POSSIBLE BY: NORDEN and Malmö Cleantech City

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Episode 2

Bioeconomy & Sustainable Fashion #2 - From Wood Fire to Wood Fibres

Produced by Camille Duran / Co-hosted by Joshua Burguete Kirkman / Published by Linnéa Hultén / Coordinated by Han Nguyen / Transcribed by Tuly Sarah Costa/ Senior Editors Eleen Murphy & Camille Duran / Music Credits: License by Ins. Green White Space.

The forestry sector is facing multiple challenges all over the globe. In Europe, the declining demand for printing paper and the growing global competition among producers threaten the sector. Wood is also used to produce heat, and today, a large number of environmentalists and experts oppose this carbon intensive activity, pointing to more long-term solutions instead. Forestry needs to figure out new products that can be made out of cellulosic fibres, like textiles for instance!

What does the process of making wood fibre look like, and is it sustainable? What will it take for the forestry sector to show a promising future? This episode features views from Dagfinn Hoybråten (Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers), Sven-Erik Bucht (Swedish Minister of Rural Affairs), Tobias Köhnke (Cellutex), and Sigrid Barnekow (MISTRA Future Fashion).


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