Bioeconomy #3: Plant Breeding for Climate Adaptation

Today I am taking you to the most important room in the world, and we discuss a high priority for climate adaptation: plant breeding.

Ok you must have heard of gene banks and more precisely seed vaults.  There are more than 1700 in the world. This is where countries and communities store their plant genetic resources for backups, to use as references for further plant breeding. Those are very important rooms. Increasingly important as plant breeding is crucial to adapt to climate change.
Another bioeconomy story to dig into!


Produced by Camille Duran
Made possible by the Nordic Council of Ministers
This episode features views from

Music credits by Ins. Green White Space

Useful links:
Svalbard on the world map
Exploring the Arctic Global Seed Vault (MOTHERBOARD video)
Nordgen’s website
The Nordic Council of Ministers Bioeconomy page

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