Bioeconomy #2: Microbes & Local Plant Proteins to Cut on Soy Imports

With a growing population and deteriorating soil health, the quest for a sustainable food and agricultural system becomes vital to our survival on earth. So what can the Bioeconomy do to tackle this issue?

Today we look at proteins and see what they can do for us. In particular, how local and sustainable proteins can be used to replace the problematic amounts of soy we import. We focus on Denmark – a country with the most intensive agricultural system in the world – to explore how we can incentivise farmers to grow the right crops, the potential for grass protein, the incredible power of microbes, and how we can reorganise our value chains to maximise resource efficiency. Let’s dive in!

Thank you to the Nordic Council of Ministers for making this episode possible.

The EU Plant Proteins Strategy

Produced by Camille Duran / Published by Eleen Murphy / Senior Editor Camille Duran / Music Credits: License by Ins. Green White Space.

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