Green Exchange

We believe driving change doesn’t have to be boring.

Our societies are presenting more challenges and opportunities than ever. Change makers need to perform.

Green Exchange produces new generation podcast & live shows for people who act as catalysts of change at all levels of EU communities. Our shows are designed to inspire, inform & entertain via storytelling & investigations. We feature a wide variety of topics and guests and permanently challenge the status quo. Our discussions are hot, cutting-edge and ambitious. The experiences we create are unique.

Starting from a simple sustainability podcast in 2016, Green Exchange is fast-becoming a leading European channel with big plans.


You can listen to podcast shows: At the gym, on your commute, at work, at the lunch break, while cooking or gardening, 10, 20 or 40 minutes at the time. Your brain loves it, your heart too.

Want to see us live? Follow our tour dates across Europe. More information coming soon.


Hosted & Produced by Camille W. Duran

Camille is a talk show host, producer, investigative journalist & sustainability expert with a knack for entertainment and live performance.

Besides producing & hosting Green Exchange, Camille works with governments and event planners worldwide to craft discussions that really matter, innovate their format, and fire up audiences to create engagement on important issues.

He co-founded the Centre for Knowledge Impact where he fundraises and leads capacity building efforts, mainly for mission-driven films and campaigns. On the hobby side, Camille produces music, writes for comedy and explores Planet Earth.


Our Production Team

  • Han Nguyen, Research & Coordination
  • Eleen Murphy, Producer & Senior Editor
  • Javier Viera Medina, Creative Director
  • Joshua Burguete-Kirkman, Senior Editor
  • Linnéa Hultén, Media & Publishing
  • David Hernandez, Video Production
  • Ana Metz, Special Projects

For special projects and event production, Green Exchange also contracts leading media production professionals from around Europe.