What we do


Green Exchange is a production house dedicated to social and environmental issues. We partner with NGOs, public sector and social enterprises to boost campaign results and create measurable impact. We also host a podcast show where we constantly research & debate themes related to environment, society and the economy. Our audience is comprised of sustainability professionals and change agents across Europe. Podcast episodes are produced with partners or on our own. Regardless, they are editorially independent.

Who we are

Camille Duran

Camille is our Swiss Army Knife, although he is not Swiss at all! He does like chocolate and being on time though. He is a producer, writer, interviewer, campaign & media strategist, entrepreneur, DJ, amateur anthropologist and experience designer. Everything he does relates to social and environmental issues.

Besides his background in the media industry, Camille has a solid track record working with governments and event planners worldwide to craft discussions and campaigns that really matter, innovate their format, and fire up audiences to create engagement on important issues.

He is the Founder of Cosmic, an influencer network for change makers in Europe.

Camille Duran Photo

Eleen Murphy

Originally from Ireland, Eleen co-founded Green Exchange with Camille from Sweden in 2016. A writer and producer at heart, she runs the day-to-day operations and manages our projects from Malmö where she is based full time. Eleen has produced more than 100 podcast episodes to date, for Green Exchange but also for The Organic Stream, a media channel she co-founded, dedicated to the organic value cycle, sustainable agriculture and soil management.

A Flexible Production Team

Another strength of our structure is our network. For each project, and wherever it takes place, we set up a dream team based on our extensive network of media & production professionals. This ensures that each project is appropriately sized without compromising on results.